If you are planning to attend the 2019 Christian Leadership Experience (CLE) in March...

We need your help!

The CLE is looking for volunteers to assist in the following areas:

Attendee Registration

Exhibitor Registration

Directional Attendant

Breakout Session Manager

(Job descriptions for each of these can be found below)

To sign up to volunteer, click on the “Volunteer Today!” button below.

Your help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

*Please note: You must be a registered attendee of the CLE to volunteer.  Volunteers do not receive any type of discount on their registration fee...just the satisfaction of helping out! 

Note: You do NOT need to create an account to volunteer via SignUp.com.  You will need to provide an email address and phone number, but rest assured, SignUp.com will not share your contact information with anyone.  It is just for our internal purposes to communicate with you. 




Attendee Registration:

Find their nametag in the plastic boxes

Hand them:

  • Their Nametag

  • Any ribbons located behind their nametag, if applicable.

  • Neck Wallet

  • Event Program

  • Attendee List

Wear a smile and have fun!!

Exhibitor Registration:

Find their nametag in the plastic boxes.

Hand them:

  • Their Nametag

  • Their Ribbon(s). These will be located behind the nametag of everyone who checks in here.

  • Neck Wallet

  • Event Program

  • Attendee List

  • Look at the Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing and see what booth was assigned to them. Show them on the map where that is located.

  • Ask them if they have booth materials to unload from their cars or if they had their items shipped to the hotel. Give information as needed.

Wear a smile and have fun!!

Directional Attendant:

Arrive prior to your scheduled time – check in at registration and we will assign you to your designated area at various locations within the La Crosse Center.

Take with you to your assigned station (return this to registration after your shift):

  • Your “Have a question? Ask Me!!” Sign....which will include a map of the hotel property and a listing of room assignments for all sessions.

  • As attendees are transitioning from one session to another, be available to Assist people in getting to the session they are looking for
    Answer any questions they may have.

Wear a smile and have fun!

Note: About 10 minutes after the breakout session has started and it looks attendees have found where they needed to go, you are free to attend the remainder of your favorite breakout session!

Breakout Session Manager:

**You must be comfortable talking to people and talking in front of large groups.

Arrive prior to the scheduled time – check in at registration and we can confirm your room assignment and provide a map, if needed.

You are responsible for the speaker gift....pick up at the registration desk prior to the start of your session.

Room will have podium, screen, microphone, AV cart with LCD Projector and Laptop. Make sure all are operational prior to the session.

Make sure there is water stations in the back of the room or on the tables.

Greet Speaker when they arrive. Explain details of room and who will be introducing them. Assist them with putting on their wireless microphone.

Greet attendees at the door.

Introduce the speaker by reading the speaker bio that we will provide to you.

After the session has started, close the doors to eliminate hall noise.

Monitor room temperature, water stations, etc.

If there are problems with the AV equipment contact our contracted AV company.

In the larger rooms, use the handheld microphone to walk around to field questions.

Keep an eye on the clock to ensure sessions end at its scheduled time.

Give each speaker their gift at the conclusion of their session and thank them for their time!

Wear a smile and have fun!