Kathie Wendland

Kathie Wendland, RN, BSN

About Kathie Wendland

Kathie Wendland, RN, BSN has had a wide range of leadership positions in both the secular and ecclesiastical realms; paid and volunteer positions.  Her background and experience in the U.S. Navy, in hospital administration, and her current position managing young calves on a large dairy farm have brought numerous encounters with the values and assumptions of the secular world.  At the same time, positions with WELS Central Africa Medical Mission both as a nurse in Africa and on the US Central Africa Medical Mission Committee, choir director in her home congregation, Sunday School teacher, VBS teacher, and Women’s Bible Study leader for more than 20 years, together with current WELS Women’s Ministry Executive and Conference Planning responsibilities have provided numerous opportunities for working together with Christian brothers and sisters.

Presentation Description

Session 5B

Christian Women in Leadership Within the Church and in the Secular World 

Women in leadership positions whether in the home, church, or secular world face challenges and experience blessings in ways that are often unique to them as women.  Both men and women will appreciate a look at the Scriptural principles that guide Christian women in leadership positions wherever the Lord has called them to serve.  An additional emphasis will be on application of those principles in real life situations which will then be continued during the panel discussion.  Ample time will be allowed for questions and discussion in both sessions.