Rochelle Traub

Rochelle Traub

About Rochelle Traub

Rochelle Traub is a writer, video producer, voice over talent, wife, mother, and fellow Christ follower who seeks to share the love of Jesus.  She recently led a youth mission team of 19 volunteers to Mahahual, Mexico through Kingdom Workers.  It was the biggest international team of volunteers Kingdom Workers has deployed, as well as the first mission team sent from the group’s home church in Michigan.  Her passion for missions takes many forms from delivering her home made chocolate chips cookies to a new neighbor to spending 6 months in Chile building churches and sharing the Gospel.  Rochelle enjoys travelling and has been to all 50 states and 5 continents for work, mission trips, pleasure and adopting one of her three children.  When she's not working or chauffeuring kids, she enjoys snow skiing, reading, playing games, walking the dog and fellowshipping in Bible study over a cup of coffee.

Presentation Description

Session 2E

It Only Takes a SPARK

Jesus gave us the Great Commission in Matthew 28 with both a command and a comfort. He instructed us to “Go and make disciples of all nations” and he promised “I am with you always.” As Christians, we should not settle for merely attending a weekly church service, but we need to daily abide with Christ and let His love shine through us in order to attract souls to Him. So how do we do this?  We will discuss practical ways to see the needs around your neighborhood and across the globe, to pray and discern how God would have you use the talents He has given you, and to inspire yourself, your church family, and others to put faith into action. It only takes a SPARK to get a fire going. Let’s ignite!