Pastor Elton Stroh

Crossroads Consulting Ministry

About Pastor Elton Stroh

Elton served as a WELS parish pastor for 24 years during which, under God, he launched a new congregation, served as senior pastor in a turnaround church, and was privileged to serve in a number of district and synodical positions.  He directed WELS Parish Assistance – a consulting ministry that became a blessing to about 500 congregations with the assistance of both full- and part-time lead consultants and over 100 associate consultants.  He also conducted the Turnaround Churches in the WELS research project.  He is now the Executive Director of Crossroads Consulting Ministry. Elton and his wife, Gail, live in Sun Prairie, WI.

Presentation Description

Sessions 2A and 3B

2A: Building a Strategic Ministry Plan

For a strategic plan to be the most productive it must be comprehensive (well-informed and grounded in reality), engaging (with widespread ownership and participation),compelling (generating energy and enthusiasm), and cyclical (both short- and long-term ministry goals are apt within an ever-changing context). 

Strategic planners will want to:

  • Lay a firm foundation for planning
  • Accurately analyze ministry context
  • Form and cast a captivating vision
  • Gain measurable traction with implementation   

3B: Do Metrics Belong in the Church?

This question is likely to raise some eyebrows and create some tensions.  Some ministry leaders could not imagine functioning within a church without discernible metrics.  Metrics and related words (e.g. measurablesscorecards, and outcomes) are mentioned routinely in their weekly staff or monthly elected leaders’ meetings.  Other ministry leaders balk at the use of such terms in the church.

  • What is at the root of these tensions?
  • Why does having meaningful metrics matter?
  • Which metrics belong in your congregation?