Savior Of The Nations Band

SON Band

Worship Music

The Savior of the Nations band (SON band) plays a wide variety of styles from different musical genres including: Blues, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Rock, Soul and Inspirational! They refer to the mix of styles as their "groove style."  The music from the SON band shows the need for a Savior, and that Jesus Christ is truly the Savior of the Nations. 

The SON band is part of the Savior of the Nations Experience (SON Experience). The SON Experience is unique. Music is provided by the band, and amazing visuals fill a giant screen with rich imagery in pictures and video, lyrics to songs, and the message of love, peace, and forgiveness found in the Bible! The environment is very casual and relaxed, as we all gather together to hear more about how real God is in our lives, and how he truly wants us to know him and his love. The SON Experience exists to serve through reaching one soul at a time through the presentation of God’s Word through his people. 

The SON Band regularly supplements worship at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN

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