Anna Sherod

Anna Sherod

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"Meet Jesus at the Well, Meet God in the Garden: Developing Churches as Centers for Clean Water and Nutritious Food

Water and food are obvious physical needs for every human. By working together, communities can meet these needs for themselves. Sometimes, facilitation is needed to bring together a community’s collective knowledge. Workshops and experiential learning build local capacity to grow nutritious food or access clean water. Kingdom Workers facilitates this growth through local Lutheran churches, while tying the work to Jesus’ parables. We pray that people would turn to Jesus as the Water of Life and consider the seed of the Word sown in their hearts, as they strengthen their bodies and families.



Anna Sherod enjoys bringing people together around needs. She started her community work with homeless kids while an undergraduate at Pepperdine University. She has worked in some unique settings including Romania and the White Mountain Apache reservation. She has worked to encourage and provide training for local Lutheran leaders in various areas of community need: home renovation, substance abuse recovery and nutrition. She is enthralled by the smell of a good compost pile and grateful to many local partners for guiding and promoting local church-based gardening.

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