Dr. Scott Gostchock 

Dr. Scott Gostchock


"GROWing as a Christian Leader

A carpenter with the right tools can build a building; a leader with the right tools can build a strong ministry team.  Strong ministry leadership often comes down to having and knowing how to use the right tools.  One very powerful tool for Christian leaders is GROW--Goal, Reality, Options, and Way forward.   GROW is a multi-use tool! Do you need to make a leadership decision? Use the GROW process.  Do you have someone on your team you would like to coach, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? GROW with them.  Do you need to pull your team together? Use GROW to strengthen and focus your team. In this session, participants will learn and practice using GROW as leaders.  The GROW goal -- participants will leave with a practical and powerful tool ready to use in their next leadership endeavor.


Dr. Scott Gostchock is a graduate of Dr. Martin Luther College. He received a Master’s in Education from Brenau University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration at Nova Southeastern University. He has served in cross-cultural, inner city and urban education settings as a teacher, administrator and community activist. He has also served as a full-time professor of education and currently is an adjunct professor for a number of universities and colleges.

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