Pastor Bramdeo Ramgolam

Pastor Bramdeo Ramgolam


"Leading through Relationships – The Value of Touch”

My goal is to show participants the importance of raising youths with no positive role models, the value of a relationship based on touch. A firm handshake, a tap on the shoulder, or a jam in our culture has meaning that surpasses a written contract. Social media has made the written or printed no longer seen as something that lasts but exists only until the next time the Facebook feed or webpage is refreshed. A leader that leads with such a relational approach has to be careful on how physical contact is used but understands the necessity of it due to a society that has lost this understanding due to more contact with technology and less human contact.


Pastor Bramdeo Ramgolam has been in St. Lucia for almost eight years. Prior to serving in St. Lucia, he graduated from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2008. He was born in Guyana, and moved to the Caribbean at age ten, then moved to the United States for ten years to study Theology. His father died when Pastor Bramdeo was two years old, so he values the leaders that have been examples for him, especially his Pastor from his home church of Trinity Lutheran, St. Lucia. 

He also coaches soccer ages 7-25 years of age, this is a big part of his ministry for the last eight years, and understands the value of coaching young men and women without much of parental influence or any positive role models.