Dr. John Parlow


About Dr. John Parlow

Dr. John Parlow’s philosophy of ministry may be best summed up by the following:  “When sharing the Gospel you always need to think outside the box, because one day everybody is going to be in one.”  Dr. Parlow has served congregations in South Dakota, Wisconsin and Asian Lutheran Seminary in Hong Kong. He is a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and has continued his education at South Dakota State University, Concordia Theological Seminary and Denver Seminary where he earned his Doctorate.

He currently serves as lead pastor at St. Mark Lutheran in De Pere, WI: which offers five weekend worship services on three different days with three worship different styles at two different locations. Is a multi-site ministry with three campuses including a 150 child Christian Childcare Center (currently exploring the possibility of a fourth campus). Which consists of 2200+ “partners” whose average age is 29 years and whose DNA is saturated with the expectation of “change." He is married to his wife Lydia and has three sons.  His interests when his pastoral duties allow time include the martial arts, the outdoors and pistol shooting. 

Presentation Description
Session 6A
Piloting The Local Church Through The “C” of Change

Jesus Christ changed the world … why then is “change” so difficult in the local church?  One reason there is resistance to change is because change always requires you to do something differently – and who likes that?  How can you get more people rowing the boat rather than rocking the boat?  How can you better reach a changing culture that is spiritually adrift with the unchanging Gospel?  How do you lead people without getting too far ahead of them and becoming a target?  Dr. John Parlow will share some proven approaches that may help you better navigate the choppy water of change.