Marilyn Miller

Marilyn Miller

Abiding Word Lutheran Church

About Marilyn Miller

For over 25 years, Ms. Miller worked as a management consultant, leading teams of 75-100 professionals. She undertook a wide range of assignments primarily in the oil, gas, chemical and utilities industries specializing in business process redevelopment. She has had significant international experience, counting numerous Fortune 300 companies among her clients.

In April, 2005, God led Ms. Miller to resign from the business world and become certified as a staff minister. He then blessed her with a call to her home congregation, Abiding Word Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas. As Deaconess, her responsibilities include women’s ministries, member care, evangelism, human resources and business management. Since 2008, she has been honored to be the chairwoman of the WELS Women’s Ministry Committee, part of the Adult Discipleship program.

Presentation Description

Session 4B

Applying Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah in Today's World

The Old Testament book of Nehemiah gives us amazing insights into Christ based leadership. With God’s help Nehemiah persuaded a heathen king to give him safe passage to Jerusalem and provide him with building materials to reconstruct the walls of Jerusalem. When he got there he pulled together volunteers, both men and women, and rebuilt the walls around Jerusalem in 52 days while fighting off enemy armies. Along the way, he reformed societal ills and encouraged the whole nation to recommit their lives to the Lord.

How do your leadership challenges stack up against those of Nehemiah? God blessed him with exceptional wisdom and leadership skills that remain highly sought after even today. More than simply a Biblical hero, Nehemiah is an example we can explore to help us also become motivated visionaries, careful planners, focused implementers, exceptional encouragers, empowered team players and great prayers.