Herb Mehne

Herb Mehne

Builders for Christ

About Herb Mehne

Herb has been a part of the Kingdom Workers/Builders for Christ since 2002.  In 2006, he was the project manager in New Orleans, Louisiana where he managed the rebuilding of a parsonage, a worship, education and fellowship building and building a second story and remodeling the house.  He has been the project manager on building churches Texas, Nebraska and Arkansas. In Tennessee, he managed an addition on a children ministry.  Herb also participates as a volunteer on 19 Builders for Christ projects.Herb is the chairman of the Builders for Christ Advisory Committee where the current project is to incorporate the Builders for Christ into the Kingdom Worker’s strategic plan. 

Prior to joining Kingdom Workers, Herb worked as the Director of Vocational Education and Assistant Principal of an 1100 student high school. 

Presentation Descriptions

Session 4D

What Does it Mean to be a Volunteer for Builders for Christ?


As I wander around the country working on Builders for Christ projects, I am asked the following question. What do I need to know and need to have to become a Builder?  In order to do that, I need to tell you a story.  That story will cover the following points.

So, You want to volunteer to serve the Lord as a member the Builders for Christ Team.

  • What is a Builder for Christ?
  • What does a Builder do?
  • How does a Builder live?
  • What tools does he need?
  • How does he serve and benefit?