Susan Marshall


"Leading as an Authentic Christian: 4 C’s (And a Bonus)"

With God’s promise to always be with us and His holy Word on which to stand, Christian leaders are more challenged than ever to be relevant, believable and worthy of their follower’s trust.  This keynote address investigates the leadership essentials of courage, commitment, communication and conduct as they manifest through Christian leaders in a confused and agitated secular world.  It concludes with a discussion of consistency, a critical element in developing and retaining followers.


"Making an Impact: A Backbone Guide for Christians"

This session will explore the three elements of Backbone—Competence, Confidence and Risk-Taking—as they impact Christian leadership. Whether you occupy an acknowledged position of leadership or have the privilege of impacting those around you informally, this workshop will offer tools and techniques for making a powerful impact in a world desperately needing both leadership and reassurance.


Susan Marshall is an author, speaker, and Founder of Backbone Institute, LLC, whose mission is to create a stronger, more confident future one person or team at a time.  She has been assisting leaders in public and private sector industry, non-profit agencies, and public education for nearly thirty years. 

Her corporate and consulting experience includes work with Harley-Davidson, Best Buy, GE Healthcare, GM, Subaru, the New York City Leadership Academy, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and many others.  Her first book, “How to Grow a Backbone: 10 Strategies for Gaining Power and Influence at Work,” has been translated into multiple languages.  Her second book, “Life. Be in it.” was published in 2012.  The first of six Backbone Guides, “Of Beauty and Substance: A Backbone Guide for Women” was released in 2014.