Rebecca Kleefisch


"Walking as a Person of Faith in Public Office”

Politicians seem to find faith only when it gets votes, but Rebecca Kleefisch, the first Lieutenant Governor in national history to face a recall election, gives a behind-the-scenes account of dirty politics, a brush with death, and how government may be the next best mission field.


"Balancing Work and Family”

Movie stars and magazine covers tell us we can have it all at once, and some people seem to have cracked the formula. But did God want us to- how do we cope with the guilt that may come with making tough choices?


Rebecca Kleefisch, a former small business owner and news reporter, serves as Wisconsin’s 44th Lieutenant Governor. She was elected Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Governor on November 2, 2010.

Widely credited for coining the phrase, “Wisconsin is Open for Business,” Rebecca played a key role from day one in business growth and retention for Wisconsin. She serves as Wisconsin’s “Jobs Ambassador” and spearheads the Governor’s Small Business Summits and Tax Reform Roundtables.

Rebecca’s leadership has been recognized with a "Courage in Leadership Award" by the Faith & Freedom Coalition and a "Woman of Exceptional Courage" award from the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute.  She was named as a champion for lower taxes by the National Tax Limitation Committee and The 60 Plus Association.  In May 2014, the Washington Post recognized her as one of forty rising stars in politics across the country.

Rebecca is a colon cancer survivor, a member of the NRA, and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is the mother of two daughters, Ella and Violet. She lives in Oconomowoc with her husband, State Representative Joel Kleefisch.