Dana Kirchoff


"Connecting With and Serving Refugees and Immigrants in Your Community

Countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia are home to many people who remain unreached with the gospel.  Security, hostility, and general resistance limit Christian outreach efforts in these countries.  The current refugee situation creates an opportunity for many churches in the United States.  Refugees are coming into the United States and settling in our own communities and cities, and many have never interacted with Christians or heard the gospel message. Pastor Matt Vogt supports a ministry in Las Vegas serving refugees from North Africa.  Pastor Peter Bur serves refugees from his home country, South Sudan.  Mary Flynn is the refugee resettlement program supervisor at Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.  Dana Kirchoff is the communications director at Divine Savior Academy in Doral, Florida.  These panel members will share examples of Christians in Las Vegas, Omaha, Wisconsin, and Miami who are reaching out and serving refugees by showing and sharing Christ’s love for them.  We hope you walk away from this session with ideas for reaching out to refugees in your community informed with a better understanding of the resettlement process and needs of refugees when they first come to the United States.  


Dana Kirchoff is the Director of Communications at Divine Savior Ministries. In her role, she has been involved in the marketing, internal communications, public relations, and long-range planning of Divine Savior Church and Academy. She also serves as a consultant for ministries around the United States and the Caribbean.  Divine Savior is located in Doral, a diverse suburb of Miami, Florida. This ministry serves a multicultural population, mostly Hispanic. A majority of Doral’s residents come from Venezuela, a country whose political unrest has caused many of its citizens to move to the United States. Many of these families are looking for private, American education for their children, as well as a safe, moral environment and a close-knit, family-friendly community. Divine Savior Academy serves students with college-prep academics in a Christian environment, and Divine Savior Church serves families with worship and fellowship in a supportive community.