Jason Paltzer

Jason Paltzer

Kingdom Workers' Lutheran Health Alliance

Amanda Paltzer

Wisconsin Lutheran College

Presentation Descriptions - Panel Discussion

Session 1C

Dr. Rebekah Carey

Wisconsin Lutheran College School of Nursing


“Peer Support for Diabetes:  Improving the health for diabetics in your congregation and community”

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases worldwide and impacts 8.3% of the US population with another 24% being pre-diabetic.   This workshop will highlight the components of the new Diabetes Liaison program of the Kingdom Workers’ Lutheran Health Alliance.  The program aims to support congregation and community members with diabetes by providing peer support (does not require professional health training) and encouragement given the life-changing aspects of having diabetes.  Jason Paltzer will provide a summary of the program and its objectives as a peer support health model.  Dr. Carey will highlight the clinical perspective and benefits of peer support for improving diabetes self-care.  Amanda Paltzer (MsPH, RD) will discuss the nutritional aspects of improving health for diabetics and pre-diabetics.  The objective is to motivate congregation leaders to initiate such a project in their community as an outreach service.


About Jason Paltzer

Jason Paltzer is the director of the Kingdom Workers’ Lutheran Health Alliance.  He has a PhD in Population Health Sciences from the University of Wisconsin (August 2014) and a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Minnesota.  He helped establish the Lutheran Health & Development program in Zambia based on a lay health worker model to provide a variety of community-based services. 

About Amanda Paltzer

Amanda Paltzer teaches Nutrition at Wisconsin Lutheran College.  She is a Registered Dietitian with a BS in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota.  She also has a Masters of Science in Public Health from the University of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  She has worked in community nutrition, public health, and wellness while living in Zambia, and in Madison, WI at the Public Health Madison and Dane County WIC program and Princeton Club.  

About Dr. Rebekah Carey

Dr. Rebekah Carey is the chair of the Wisconsin Lutheran College School of Nursing, where she teaches a variety of nursing courses, including Global Health Nursing and Pharmacology.  She is also engaged part-time as a nurse practitioner in an urban clinic dedicated to the primary care of the vulnerable adult population.  Approximately one half of her patients are diagnosed with diabetes and daily struggle with managing their diabetes.  Dr. Carey served three years as Nurse Administrator at Mwembezhi Lutheran Rural Health Center in Zambia and she is a member of the advisory board to the Lutheran Health Alliance.