Jason Jonker


"Understanding and Serving People Struggling with Substance Abuse - Church-based Models

Research on substance abuse suggests that 23 million people are in need of chemical health treatment services every year (SAMHSA).  Religious well-being has been found to be an important outcome measure and this panel presentation will review three church-based models for incorporating God’s Word into the recovery process.  

Participants will hear from Jason Jonker who will give an overview of RESILIENT, Crosswalk Church’s peer-led recovery group. RESILIENT utilizes a Law and Gospel approach to recovery that is based in God’s Word. The use of technology and new media in recovery programs will also be addressed.  

Joshua Mears from Christian Family Solutions will outline a dual diagnosis program that integrates mental health and chemical health services.  He will also focus on a model of Christian Psychology integration that seeks to make treatment captive to the truth in scripture. 


Jason Jonker has over 20 years’ experience in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse. He has worked in settings as diverse as schools, churches, community mental health centers, and residential homes. Jason has 5 years’ experience as delivering multi-systemic therapy, an evidence-based approach to substance abuse treatment in adolescents. Jason has also facilitated substance abuse programs for adult probationers and parolees with drug and alcohol-related offenses. Jason is bilingual and has enjoyed the privilege of serving Latino families throughout his career. Along with other members of Crosswalk Church he has developed RESILIENT, a Law and Gospel approach to addictions. The program is peer-led and scriptural. Through an amazing demonstration of divine grace, God moved Jason’s wife, Maria, to accept him in marriage. They have three daughters: Michelle, Genesis and Xitlalli.

Jimmy Cassadore

Dr. Joshua Mears