Leadership and Empowerment - A contradictions of terms? 

Description:  Dr. Jayakaran will talk about the ‘Empowered community’ concept and how to work with communities to empower local leadership and measure what matters. The presentation will help to provide an understanding of how to recognize the whole system of poverty; enter as guests, co-labor as partners, and continue as friends; and support the local communities and churches in measuring all that matters.


Participatory Community Analysis Tools

Description:   Learn from Dr. Jayakaran how to conduct a participatory community-based analysis using ten seeds.  Dr. Jayakaran will guide participants through a hands-on example of the Ten Seed Technique and describe how it leads to community and social development among some of the poorest populations.

Dr. Ravi I. Jayakaran


Lausanne Global Movement

Senior Associate for Integral Mission

Dr. Ravi I. Jayakaran has well over three decades of experience in poverty reduction and strategic development programs. Dr. Jayakaran is the Senior Associate for Integral (Holistic) Mission for the Lausanne Global Movement . He  has worked in senior management positions in the corporate sector, with International NGOs, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the UNDP. He has lived and worked long term in India, Cambodia, China and the US and provided technical support in more than 20 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America working on issues of Participatory Development, Poverty Reduction, Impact of Regional Economic Integration, HIV-AIDS Programs, Street Children Support Programs, Human Trafficking Prevention, Rapid Needs Assessments, Corporate Social Responsibility, Evaluation, Capacity Building, and Holistic Mission. 

Dr. Jayakaran has developed the “Holistic Worldview Analysis”, and other new participatory tools to ‘measure what matters’ in community transformation and empowerment and to facilitate Holistic Integrated Development for Integral Mission. Dr. Jayakaran is a prolific writer with more than 18 publications to his name. His latest book ‘Empowering Children’ was published in early 2011.

Ravi is based in Atlanta , GA with his wife Vimla. Ravi and Vimla recently celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. They have two grown sons.