Ryan Hellpap


"Define Your Reality – Using community assessment to create a needs driven outreach strategy

Participants will be taken through an experiential session as they learn how to create assessment tools and how those tools to initiate activities using a congregation’s or organization's strengths while targeting the needs of the community. Participants will work in groups to create mission statements followed by an assessment of those statements. Activities will then focus on identifying patterns in information gathered from the assessment. Those patterns are then used to understand the target group and creating services and programs that meet their needs. Real world examples of successes and pitfalls to avoid will be shared. 


Ryan Hellpap specialized in helping missions in the Caribbean serve the physical and spiritual needs of communities through community development, strategic planning, project management, volunteer program administration and general consulting and execution of outreach programs.

Ryan spent nearly two years in Kenya serving in the U.S. Peace Corps. Prior to that, he worked at Manpower Group specializing in training and group facilitation, process improvement, employee development and the talent management and assessment of all North American operations.