Christy Geiger

Christy Geiger


"Fill your Volunteer Bus for Impact! Activating Christians to Serve

Every congregation, pastor and lay leader want to see a fully-engaged Body of Christ using their gifts and passions in ministry, but can struggle with how to do it. Given the right tools you can make it happen! This session will provide you with three key things to enroll, equip and activate individuals for passionate and impactful ministry. In addition, applying these tools, you may find support for your personal and work life. These tools are:

  • Develop a clear strategy, message and plan for ministry projects and volunteer needs
  • Communicate the compelling purpose and needs in a way that attracts and enrolls the right people
  • Maximize each person’s potential by helping people find the “right seats on the bus” through understanding strengths and by having clear roles and tasks


Christy Geiger has a passion for bringing God-given human potential to the forefront in both her professional and faith life. She has a background in counseling and human resources. She earned a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Child and Family counseling. She started Synergy Strategies, a coaching company that helps leaders understand their purpose, develop business, marketing and personnel plans to maximize both individual and company potential. She volunteers regularly to help her husband, Pastor Mike Geiger, lead pastor at Good Shepherd (Burnsville, MN) with ministry strategic plans. Her efforts have been seen in creating a Gifts in Action member ministry program. Through her efforts, numerous volunteers have participated in events involving over one hundred volunteers that reached over 1500 people.