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Tim Flunker

About Tim Flunker

Missionary Tim Flunker grew up on the island of Puerto Rico. His father has been a foreign missionary for the WELS since 1974. This afforded Tim the opportunity to learn Spanish early in life. Since graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1993, Tim has served a home mission congregation in Texas and as a foreign missionary in Mexico.

Missionary Flunker now serves the WELS as Hispanic Counselor. In this position he works with both individual congregations who desire to find a way to reach out to the ever-growing Hispanic population and District Mission Boards who are looking for ways to reach out cross culturally. He also counsels pastors who are involved in outreach to the Hispanics and occasionally teaches Bible Institute and Seminary classes to Spanish-speaking students.

Missionary Flunker helps the congregation survey a community, prepare an outreach plan, teach and train the members of the congregation to implement the plan and then offer his assistance as the plan unfolds.

Presentation Description

Session 1E

Working in a Cross-Cultural Kingdom 

“Confianza.” You might not be familiar with this word, but it is an integral part of Hispanic outreach. Chances are that all of you have heard Spanish being spoken in your community – on TV, in a store, or by your neighbors. Did you know that the Hispanic population is the largest minority in the USA? Are you prepared to share the Gospel with Hispanics in your community or globally?

This session will help you in three ways. First, it will take you through the steps involved with reaching Hispanics – it’s not as hard as you think! Then, you will be led to see the differences between cultures and how to successfully build a bridge connecting cultures - ultimately focusing on the Christian culture. Finally, you will rejoice in the Kingdom as Hispanics confess the true faith in the Lord in new and exciting ways.

Are you still wondering what “confianza” means? Come to the session to find out and walk away with tools to share the message of salvation with the Hispanic community wherever you are!