Juan Diaz

Juan Diaz

About Juan Diaz

Juan Ricardo Diaz is a Hispanic leader in the wellness and self improvement areas. He co-created and developed the Vital Training technique. With more than ten years of experience in this kind of training, he also had been trained in Brain Training with Neurofeedback in Miami (right now he is the major certified instructor for Hispanics in the US), NLP, hypnotherapy, and motivation. He has a B.A. in HHRR and a Master in Marriage and Family Therapy. Member of IACT, AAMFT, NSA and NTCB.

As a natural public speaker, he had been invited to several TV and radio programs as a special guest.He has a vast experience organizing, directing and conducting different courses and workshops for personal growth. He created several audio cd's for spiritual and personal improvements. Author of ten books in Spanish with a variety related of topics such as adolescence, relationship and parental skills.

Presentation Description

Session 2C

The “Sombrero” for the teenage mind.  


Objective: Understanding Mental Health of Hispanic Youth in the US to Enhance

Outreach Opportunities

In this session, Juan will talk about:

  • The difference between American teens and Hispanics teens
  • Daily reality under the “Sombrero”
  • Changing the “Sombrero” for a Christian hat.