Matt Burow

Matt Burow

Catalyst Construction

About Matt Burow

Matt Burow is the Owner and President of the Catalyst Construction located in Milwaukee and Appleton WI.  Over the past 10 years, Catalyst has grown to be the largest church and private school builder in the state of Wisconsin.  In 2013 alone, they worked with 19 mission based organizations.  As part of that work, they assisted in managing over 19,000 volunteer hours.

Presentation Description

Session 2D

Developing a Design Team for Building Projects


Fail to plan, Plan to Fail… you hear that often in business but it is especially true when building a church or school.  Building projects have the opportunity to assist in growing your congregation.  However, they have the risk in dividing it.  Selecting your committee and design professionals is critical in developing a successful plan.  As part of this presentation we will discuss:

The building committee make up

The various delivery methods to work with design professionals

The process to bring the team together