Robert and Jeri Browning 

Robert and Jeri Browning


"Building a Servant's Heart

 We all want to engage others in the service of our Lord and help build a servant’s heart, but how do we get people engaged? We get joy from our Builders for Christ projects and want to share perspective on having a servant’s heart. This is a learned behavior and it takes time and a series of positive experiences before full commitment is achieved. Through a series of exposures, successes and lots of encouragement, it is possible to develop and grow a servant’s heart.


Jeri is a retired teacher, mother and grandmother of twelve. She has taught Sunday school, Vacation Bible School and pre-catechism classes. She has been an active member of Builders for Christ for many years. She has worked alongside her husband on many projects. Through these many experiences she has gained confidence and knowledge of the building process.


Robert is a retired automation engineer working for Union Carbide and Dow Chemical for thirty-seven years. The last seven of those years he held the position of Global Automation Manager with worldwide responsibilities. Building and construction has always been part of his DNA, with a passion for helping others. He has been a part of a number of Habitat for Humanity houses, quite a few charity remodels and most recently, five Builders for Christ projects.