Dr. Brandon Hayes

Dr. Brandon Hayes


"Staying Mentally Healthy as Leaders

Many have said that leadership is easy when things are going smoothly. However, we know that is often not the case, especially because we are sinful people living in an imperfect world. In fact, we know that Satan will seek out any opportunity to undermine or attack Christian organizations and their leaders. Unfortunately, we often reserve discussion of mental health for times of illness, rather than focusing on strategies to maintain good mental health. This breakout session will discuss strategies to proactively maintain mental health, explore indicators of mental health concerns, and offer resources for assistance when concerns are identified.


Dr. Brandon Hayes is a Licensed Psychologist with WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions. He received his Doctor of Clinical Psychology from UW-Milwaukee and completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at UW-Green Bay. Prior to joining WLCFS, Dr. Hayes completed an internship at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center, specializing in treating clients with addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Hayes has also served as an adjunct instructor at UW-Milwaukee and Wisconsin Lutheran College. His research on the factors influencing alcohol consumption among college students has been presented regionally and nationally. He is a member of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Hayes specializes in psychological assessments, anxiety disorders, addiction, and trauma. 

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