Arvid Schwartz

Arvid Schwartz has been active in Board Leadership positions for the past forty years.  He has served on many non-profit ministry boards including the WELS Board of Trustees and Synodical Council, Wisconsin Lutheran College where he served as Chairman of the Board of Regents, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WELS Kingdom Workers, Founding member of TIME OF GRACE and Treasurer, THE LUTHERAN HOME ASSOCIATION  where he currently serves  as Chairman of the Board, Board of Directors of GRACE IN ACTION and BETHESDA LUTHERAN COMMUNITIES where he is currently serving as Board Chairman.  During these many years he has participated in countless discussions around the general theme of how do you maintain an active outreach ministry in a non-profit and continue to perform your fiduciary responsibility, excellence in governance and Board leadership.

Presentation Description

Session 1A

Board Leadership Qualities in Non-Profit Boards

During this presentation Mr. Schwartz will be focusing on the challenges facing non-profit boards who have as their mission the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those they serve and at the same time serve in their fiduciary role as those responsible for the financial integrity of the organization.   Balancing the mission with excellence in governance and financial integrity has the potential to severely limit the mission in difficult times.  It is at this time organizations must have boards who will not compromise the mission in order to balance the budget.